Kim Mance is a writer, adventurer, and esoteric entertainer based in New York & London. Kim has long appeared on many TV shows and documentary films as an expert on traveling the world. And she's now branching out into helping others also explore the inner senses. During seven years as a freelance travel writer, she's contributed to outlets and blogs like Marie Claire, Condé Nast Traveler, WorldHum, and Huffington Post.

With her forthcoming television (and book) project, Kim will journey around the world to meet with monks in Himalayan caves, explore hidden libraries, meditate on mountaintops, and visit underground churches. The series will explore the origins and current iterations of philosophies, traditions, and religions around the globe, as Kim tries each one on for size, learning as a new initiate -- while also referring to a modern understanding of physics and Joseph Campbell's 'Hero's Journey' for context.

The series will be filled with humor, quests for ancient wisdom, local hymns, chants and music, as well as breathtaking scenery from the world, as it speaks for itself. (Think Indiana Jones meets Deepak Chopra, meets Bourdain.)